Is English your Second Language? 

Have you been studying for AGES but still not quite found the voice you need to express yourself with confidence and clarity? 

With ongoing one-to-one sessions of 20 minutes a day at a time convenient to you, we will work on connecting you to the voice you need to ensure that you can communicate consciously, confidently, and competently every time you need to. 

Do It Daily. It’s easy – I promise!

“I can see progress every day!” Mira Jovanovic

Do you need to write Content for your new website? An email to a potential sponsor? Do you need to create engaging posts on your Social Media platform?  Present your artwork? Promote an event you are organising? Pitch to an investor?

Do It Daily will help you find the voice you need to be able to construct powerful texts that communicate your message consciously, coherently, and confidently.

It’s very easy when you are deep in your project to get lost in goals, figures, strategies, anything related to the business side of what you are trying to do.  Perhaps you sometimes feel disconnected from the reason behind why you’re doing what you’re doing.

If you strip away all the practical stuff, like making money or the logistical element of trying to put something together, there is a heart in there that has something important that it wants to do and say.

Do It Daily will connect you to that.

By identifying the essence of why you do what you do we will be able to construct a meaningful text together.

We will ensure that the story you tell in any text clearly displays your values, your mission, and your purpose. 

“With Sarah, I was able to write a professional proposal that also expressed the exact emotion I needed the sponsor to feel.”  Xenia Gaya

Are you finding it hard to engage your audience on Social Media platforms?

 Firstly, you need to know what impact you want to make.

Secondly, you need to know how to do it. 

This three part workshop will help you connect to the essence of your story AND give you the tools you need to be able to tell that story powerfully and persuasively.

Good Storytelling allows you to constantly reinforce your values, your mission, and your purpose.

Good storytelling will make your target audience feel compelled to engage with you.  On Instagram, for example, yes – the right image can have a very powerful effect on your target audience. However, the common factor shared by all successful Instagram accounts is strong accompanying text that constantly reinforces the user’s values, mission and purpose. 

This workshop will help you clearly define yours AND give you the skills to be able to talk about them consciously, coherently, and confidently.       


“Sarah helped me to define my own story and make it usable for my business.”  Kristina Ljubicic

Do It Daily – KIDS!

100% Communicative English. 

English is often an abstract concept at school. 

A classroom can lack opportunities for the essential element of language acquisition – COMMUNICATION!

We offer a way for your kids to connect to what they study in class in a personal, meaningful, and painless way.We are also very proud to tell you that when you sign your child up you are directly helping a child from a disadvantaged background to be able to access Do It Daily for free. This initiative is in conjunction with vidasignficativa.