ME… professionally

I’ve been working as an english teacher for 18 years. I have dedicated the last twelve years to working with business professionals from companies such as Vueling, Mango, Unilever, and Aspen Pharma Spain.  I work predominantly, but not exclusively, with women from all sectors. By providing personalised support I assist clients to become active agents in their own development, working specifically on finding the voice they need to be able to express themselves authentically and with authority. I help clients to interact professionally and confidently, to present ideas persuasively, and to construct a meaningful story whether it’s on social media or to potential investors.

I have a BA Hons in English Literature and both the CELTA and the DELTA.


I was born in London, England. As a child I enjoyed roller-skating. I’ve always been an avid reader which I’m sure has informed my decision to work with language. I started playing the cello eight years ago which has given me a new understanding of learning. A teacher is there to offer guidance, techniques for you to master, encouragement when you don’t feel you like you can continue and, hopefully, inspiration. However, it’s THE STUDENT that does the real work!!

…around the world!

I lived in England til the age of 26 and then moved to Barcelona, Spain where I spent 15 years. I’ve just spent two and a half years in Belgrade, Serbia. I have always traveled, spending months at a time in Central America, Australia, Canada, and Morocco. I’m not sure where or when my next long trip will be but you are all invited to come with me!

Team Members

Danilo Stojic

Film Maker

I have been working in publishing and video production for the last 16 years (after an exciting career as a bug exterminator). Mostly through a non-formal group of artists but also through different cultural organisations and programmes, developing multimedia projects and publications and also cooperating with different experimental theatre productions.

With my video works, that I use as both narrative and experimental media, I have been a guest at different art and multimedia festivals, and regulargly publish my music videos for different producers and bands. I also work in commercial video production, and as a VJ.

The other side of my work is publishing that combines writing, which I have been doing since I ‘ve known about myself, and publishing fanzines since I was in school. Today, with a few colleagues, I stand behind a small independent publishing house with a few editions we are very proud of.