What exactly is Do It Daily?

Do It Daily is a DAILY approach to learning English.

The key to real progress in your language development is to work  little and often.

The key to real success is to be found in your DAILY ROUTINE.

At Do It Daily you will have DAILY one-to-one tuition with an experienced and knowledgeable teacher. Your teacher will help define and achieve your goals whatever your level. Your teacher will detect and respond immediately to your needs. Your teacher will encourage you to become a more self-directed learner.

All classes are held over Skype, at your convenience. You select a daily time slot of 20 minutes in which you can work on whatever you need, from wherever you are.

Do It Daily offers you a personalised learning programme which can also include self-study guidance. Do It Daily can supplement any other study programme you may be following, offering you 100% communicative support to enhance and consolidate your learning experience.

Do It Daily is not for everyone.

Students need to be committed and disciplined, ready to dedicate 20 minutes every day to active learning.

Your teacher will help you stay motivated by making this time interesting, productive and rewarding.