EVERYTHING you post has a social impact. You need to know what impact you want to have and how to express your beliefs and intentions clearly.

Good storytelling will facilitate this.


GOOD STORYTELLING will make your audience feel compelled to engage with you.                                           

                     YES – The right image can have a very powerful effect on your target audience.

BUT… the common factor shared by all successful Instagram accounts is…


                                         The text that sits next to every image you post needs to be meaningful and engaging. It’s the words you use that will set you apart.  


If you want to succeed as an entrepreneur or leader, you also have to be a storyteller – Richard Branson.

Heartfelt storytelling is both profitable and human. – Forbes Magazine. 

We need to recognise that every time we post on Social Media we are shaping a future.

This workshop, while giving you the tools to express yourself accurately and persuasively, also encourages you to think about what you want that future to look like.

 Have your say, your way.


why storytelling is both powerful and essential in today’s reality.


persuasive and easy to implement
storytelling techniques.


your own compelling story guaranteed to engage the audience you want!

I attended Sarah’s instagram workshop recently. I like her friendly and warm attitude. She reflects sparkling energy, knows exactly how to integrate the group, and is very motivating. She knows just how to give a hint or a piece of advice that makes your ideas flower and flourish!  I am at very beginning of my story and this workshop experience meant a lot to me. For sure I will be going in the right direction from my first steps.

Jelena Mrkaja
Jelena MrkajaMy Silky Way

Sarah is a great storyteller. Her course is inspiring. She helped me to define my own story and make it usable for my business. She showed me to recognise patterns in Instagram posts and explained the steps of storytelling and how it relates to myself and my business.

I was very satisfied with the overall course content.

Kristina Ljubicic
Kristina LjubicicPlanera

With a good combination of asking relevant questions, telling us her story with a point , analyzing good examples on  IG, Sarah lead us through the essentials of Storytelling on Instagram. Together we came to some conclusions how to develop a successful way of thinking, staying honest and original while creating our content for Instagram.  It was really great! I think it was very helpful for all of us. I would recommend workshop like this to everybody who wants to be on Instagram meaningfully.

Tanja Vujosevic
Tanja VujosevicEstadenta

I loved the workshop. Sarah engaged us from the first minute. Everything was very well articulated. I felt encouraged and still am to tell my story on IG. She gave us specific and easy to apply techniques.  I enjoyed her personal style of storytelling, her voice, and nonverbal communication.

Ksenija Kastratovic
Ksenija Kastratovic Walking Belgrade